Jazzchor Freiburg performs "Mironczarnia" by the Polish composer Jakub Neske. It is the musical version of the poem by Miron Bialoszewski, in which the protagonist describes his difficulties in finding the right words for his poem.

The recording was made during a concert on September 19, 2018 in Zurich-Wallisellen.


Jazz Corner is the largest web portal of jazz music, originated in New York. They´ve now listened to Jazzchor Freiburg´s CD Infusion and came to the following conclusion:

"Their most recent studio album, Infusion, is really all about combining great melodies with sophisticated arrangements, bringing a different twist to the music. [The opener "Joga"] sets the mood for the entire record, and it represents the group's blend of lightheartedness and sophistication, making for a unique vibe."

Read the entire article here.

After Jazzchor Freiburg has toured in South Korea in 2018 and 2019 the choir brought a small musical souvenir back to Germany. The song Arirang is considered as one of the most popular folksongs in Korea.

And Jazzchor Freiburg brought it into the German television show "Kaffee oder Tee" broadcasted on 05. July 2019 by SWR.


ON TOUR: Jazzchor Freiburg and its conductor Bertrand Gröger performing in Korea. Read the entire article in German:


Jazzchor Freiburg: "Infusion"
Director: Betrand Gröger

Piano: Simone Bollini
Bass: Roberto Koch
Drums: Michael Heidepriem

Starting in October 2018 Jazzchor Freiburg presents its new repertoire "Infusion". Is that some hot drink or some sort of flu shot? Neither - but the music is quite healthy, that's for sure: Jazz from the 1970s until today, starting with the era known as Fusion. It starts off with Joe Zawinul, Pat Metheny, Keith Jarrett up to contemporary artists such as E.S.T. and Olivia Trummer. But assuredly: no choir in the world has ever performed this! For the mostly instrumental music had to be provided with lyrics and arranged with great creativity. Perfectly tailored for Jazzchor Freiburg. Doesn't get any newer than that! Jazzchor Freiburg's "Infusion" goes directly under your skin...